Two unisex restroom doors, one painted with a unicorn, the other with a unicycle.

Cute as hell.


Hello everyone - 

So, I have some really great news. Sam and I have put a deposit down on an apartment and will be moving in together soon! 

As far as I know, his parents are more or less okay with it. (They have been reasonably supportive I think, and if they have any qualms about us living together, they haven’t voice them.) But now I’ve got to tell my parents.

Quick rundown: my parents are overly-controlling, emotionally abusive and manipulative, conservative Catholic baby-boomers who lost it when they found out my 30-year-old sister was sleeping overnight on the couch at her boyfriend’s apartment.

Sam and I have been friends for a bit more than four years, dating for about two and a half years, and have been wanting to move in together for a while. We do intend to get married, but have decided that we’re both okay with moving in together before that happens. I am about to turn 23, and he’ll be turning 22. I’m working two jobs, and he has a very well-paying job, so we’re financially capable of moving out at this point. In my opinion, this whole thing is extremely reasonable.

However, to my parents, I know it won’t be. And the last time my mother and I had a large disagreement, she implied the threat of physical violence. I am not excited for this conversation. I’m actually terrified for it.

The plan is, hopefully, to have the conversation during a counseling session with my therapist, with both of my parents as well as Sam present. One of the biggest issues in this negotiation (and most of the reason that I don’t just up and leave) is that I’m currently using one of their cars to get to and from work 5-6 days a week, and I need to ask if they will continue to allow me to use it. I also want to explain to them that they will not be allowed to have a key to me and Sam’s apartment (as they have with my older sister’s place). 

So I’m trying to get as prepared for this as I possibly can. Does anyone have any advice whatsoever about how to have this conversation with them?

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butt the fuck out jesus

Jesus doesn’t want to be part of your threesome, find someone else

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Oh man. :( I live in central PA, and most of the town celebrates when Rita's opens for the season. :) My favorite flavor is root beer!

I used to love the watermelon flavor, it was definitely my favorite. (Idek if they have that flavor anymore, it was like ten years ago lol). Just don’t move away from PA and you’ll have Rita’s forever! But anyway it made me so happy that you sent me an ask, and finding out you live where I used to live (at least in the same state, I lived near Phili) is pretty cool! Yay follower! <3 



I don’t actually know if Rita’s is just an east coast thing or if it’s just PA, and we have like snow cones and stuff out here but they definitely don’t sell water ice. For real I hadn’t even thought of water ice in like ten years since we moved here but I used to friggin love that stuff, omg. It was a staple of my summer.


I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of


I did not lawyer up or hit the gym: instead I quit my job and my buddy and I rode our motorcycles to the top of the world

Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance flashbacks



significant other: You were beyond flirting with death. Guys who jump the Grand Canyon on motorcycles flirt with death. You were more than flirting. That was like, gross PDA with Death.
me: Like I was grinding on Death in a club?
significant other: You were grinding on Death in a church!
me: *hysterical laughter*
significant other: And slowly getting closer to doing it on the altar!
significant other: -You- were doing things that made -Death- uncomfortable!

being this cute should be illegal.

I also want to see him play Puck in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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